Why NADI is a Big Supporter of the UMA Holistic Fair

Why NADI is a Big Supporter of the UMA Holistic Fair

NADI is delighted to participate in the UMA Holistic Fair to promote healthy living through nutrition, fitness and other self-care techniques such as meditation and essential oils.

The fair is organized by the Ultimate Medical Academy, a nonprofit school that provides comprehensive healthcare education to prepare students for meaningful careers. The Holistic Fair will be held on March 7 at UMA’s campus in Clearwater, Florida.

We are donating 100 bottles of our all-natural NADI rosehip drink to the Holistic Fair to share the health benefits of our USDA certified organic beverage that provides 135% of daily Vitamin C needs.

Rosehips are also rich in B Complex Vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols, bioflavonoids and dozens of other beneficial compounds and nutrients.

NADI revives the ancient Georgian health tradition of harvesting rose bush berries in the fall to make natural, healthy drinks. Rosehips have numerous health benefits including boosting immunity, treating colds and flu, improving digestion and heart health, strengthening bones and skin, and providing a natural boost of energy that lasts all day.

NADI is available at numerous stores in Florida, including Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater near UMA. You can also buy NADI from Amazon, or through our website.