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Our story begins few years ago when we, longtime friends, Nina & Gaga realized that we shared a passion for the delicious healthy rosehip drink we remembered from childhood.

For many generations in our native country of Georgia, mothers and grandmothers made rosehip drinks for their families to prevent colds, improve digestion, strengthen skin and nails and boost energy.

We wanted to revive that forgotten tradition and share this ancient remedy with the rest of the world. The idea for NADI was born.

NADI means “collective work effort” in Georgian in recognition of the employees, family and friends who have spent so much time, energy and talent to make this wonderful drink possible.

Our goal was to build a company that would be a socially responsible venture that creates jobs for displaced refugees in the country of Georgia and has a positive impact on local communities.

We are so humbled and thankful to share this taste of tradition with you.

Nina Tickaradze, Founder & CEO, Mother of three and native of the country of Georgia

Gaga AbashidzeCEO of Georgia subsidiary & Head of Nadi Operations in the country of Georgia.