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At  NADI we believe in [highlight color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#d91f2e’]responsible entrepreneurship[/highlight] that creates local jobs and fosters growth opportunities that improve the stability and security of communities in the country of Georgia.

All of our wild grown rosehips are handpicked from high in the Caucasus Mountain forests by refugees who fled their homes due to territorial conflicts. Lacking permanent homes, clothing, personal belongings and jobs, these refugees lived in incredibly difficult circumstances. However, they were eager to find work, support their families and improve their lives.

NADI partnered with the refugees to create a cooperative called TKIS NOBATI in which the refugees would harvest, collect, clean and prepare rosehips for our beverages. These jobs provide stable income and growth opportunities for the community, and plant seeds that will help future generations prosper and thrive.

Lia, a refugee who picks rosehips for NADI, says the experience has given her something to work toward as she overcomes a previously bleak situation

“This project has given me hope,” Lia said. “Every morning, I feel like my life has new meaning.”


Georgia: Where Roses Grow Wild

NADI is a USDA certified organic rosehip drink made from fruits that grow wild in forested lands high in the Caucasus Mountains of ancient Georgia.

NADI’s rosehips grow in an area between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountain ranges in terrain that is steep and spectacular: the highest peak, Mount Elbrus, soars to 5642 meters (18,510 feet) above sea level.

That topography brings plentiful sunshine, adequate rain and cool breezes that are ideal for wild rose plants that put out berries in the spring. The rosehips achieve peak ripeness in late summer and fall, when they are hand-harvested for NADI.

First unified as a kingdom in the 8th and 9th centuries under the Bagrationi dynasty, Georgia is a nation rich in history, tradition, culture and healthy cuisine. Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north and northeast, Turkey and Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the southeast. The Georgian people are known for being loyal and loving to their families, and fiercely proud of their heritage and history.

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