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Many centuries ago, ancient healers and medicine men began to discover the power of rosehip berries. Rosehips, rose oil and other parts of the plant have been used to help wounds heal quicker, soothe upset stomachs, fight colds, ease sore throats, improve urinary tract health, reduce inflammation, clean toxins from the kidneys and alleviate trouble sleeping. Rosehip oil can help smooth away wrinkles, and it’s often

We have some exciting news! NADI is now available in many Atlanta area stores, from local neighborhood markets to health food stores and beyond. You can find NADI at intown markets such as the Candler Park Market, Savi Provisions on Peachtree Street near 10th Street in Midtown, Sevananda Natural Foods Market in Little Five Points and BOND Organic Market in East Atlanta Village.

Hello Friends! We wanted to tell you a little more about the beginnings of NADI. When we first decided to start making our beloved rosehip drink, we knew right away that we would use a recipe that we remembered fondly from childhood — a famous family recipe by Gaga’s grandmother, Anastasia. Anastasia was an English teacher from Sachkere region in Georgia. She is remembered for being very

At NADI we believe in responsible entrepreneurship that creates local jobs and fosters growth opportunities that improve the stability and security of communities in the country of Georgia.