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Could a treatment for obesity be hidden in plain sight in the forests and gardens all around us? Taking a single daily dose of 100 mg of rosehip extract for 12 weeks with no other dietary restrictions or interventions led to “significantly higher” reductions of abdominal fat than in subjects who had a placebo.

Nadi cocktail named D.C.'s Top Cocktails for Spring 2018 by EaterDC. Thank you to Supra Restaurant for creating the cocktail - Hip to It! This new Georgian restaurant’s debut cocktail menu includes a martini with chacha, Georgian rosehip juice, lemon, and a dusting of rose powder. If in DC check out Supra that serves authentic Georgian food and order yourself HIP TO IT! https://dc.eater.com/maps/best-drinks-cocktails-dc

Dehydration can sneak up on you, sapping energy and making you feel sleepy and hurting your ability to concentrate. If you’re suddenly thirsty or your mouth feels dry or you haven’t urinated in several hours, you might be dehydrated. Headache, fatigue and dizziness can also be caused by low hydration, which is especially dangerous for babies, children and the elderly.