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NADI celebrates the passion and hard work of the women and men who give their time, energy and brilliance to spreading the word about the benefits of our organic rosehip drink that nourishes the body and the lives of refugees who handpick the berries.

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Kelleen Hubbs


Kelleen was born and raised in Colorado, and is passionate about healthy living and preserving the environment. She travels extensively with her husband and son, and is a wine educator and sommelier. A running enthusiast, she completed her first of eight marathons in Paris at the age of 21. She has been an ardent supporter and cheerleader of NADI since it was just an idea, and brings bottomless optimism and encouragement to our mission of helping refugees rebuild their lives.

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Jessica Craven


Jessica spent two years in the country of Georgia when she was a Peace Corps volunteer. She fell in love with Georgian culture, ancient traditions and beautiful scenery. She was deeply affected when she learned about regional conflicts that caused thousands of people to flee from their homes and leave clothes and possessions behind. Her host mother was one of those IDPs (internally displaced person), and told harrowing stories of finding crude shelter in an abandoned hotel that had no electricity or running water. Jessica loves NADI’s commitment to social responsibility and creating jobs and better opportunities for refugees like her host mother.

“I’m so proud to support NADI, and to know that we are creating hope for people who need stability and a path forward. Georgians are some of the kindest and welcoming people I’ve ever met, and I love that we are returning that kindness.”

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Teri Reitan


Teri was born and raised in Minnesota, has more than 25 years of experience volunteering with sustainable agriculture organizations and championing the health and environmental benefits of organically grown produce and nutritional healing. She was Chair of her local Human Rights Commission, and is inspired by NADI’s mission of social entrepreneurism and helping refugees in the country of Georgia rebuild their lives. Teri is obtaining her Integrative Nutrition certification and expanding her consulting business with wellness program for corporate clients. Teri enjoys the all-natural dose of vitamins and minerals in NADI, and appreciates the immunity boost — especially during cold and flu season.

Lasha Tsatava


Lasha was born in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, and lived in Moscow, Athens and San Francisco before settling in the Boston area. He grew up in Abkhazia, a disputed territory near the Black Sea where conflict displaced 250,000 refugees. At his grandparents’ farm in the countryside, he helped care for chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and vegetables, and developed a lifelong passion for organic food and home-cooked meals. Behind the apple, pear and fig trees in the backyard, Lasha often admired the rosehip bushes that grew in the hills. Little did he know that 30 years later he would play a role in introducing the health benefits of rosehips to the United States while also helping create jobs for Georgians. Lasha fervently believes in NADI’s mission of supporting community development in his native Georgia.

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Mike and Sherry


Mike and Sherry are some of our most passionate supporters, and we are delighted to have them be part of the NADI family. When a friend introduced them to NADI, they were immediately drawn to the health benefits of rosehip and our mission of social entrepreneurism in helping create jobs for displaced refugees in the country of Georgia. Mike and Sherry drink NADI often because of the antioxidants, Vitamin C and all-natural energy boost the drink delivers, and they love sharing the story of NADI with everyone they meet. They live in the Tampa area, and have helped get NADI on the shelves of many retailers in the Sunshine State.

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Tamara “Tata” Tickaradze


Originally from the country of Georgia, Tata grew up in Atlanta and now lives in Santa Monica, California. She is an entrepreneur at heart and a social media expert who played a crucial role in NADI’s early days. Tata is a huge believer in healthy living, and yoga is her go-to for staying in shape. She brings lots of energy and vibrancy to everything she touches, and loves bringing the health benefits and NADI’s ancient tradition to modern America.

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Mary Jane Credeur


Mary Jane was raised in Michigan, and has lived in Atlanta for nearly two decades. She enjoys cooking, experimenting with new recipes and mixing up interesting cocktails. She loves going to farmers markets and discovering locally made foods such as artisanal bread, cheese and cured meats. Mary Jane makes jam and pickled vegetables from whatever is at peak season, and wishes she had a bigger garden to grow more things in her backyard. She is a big fan of NADI’s delicate floral taste, and likes getting Vitamin C, B Complex Vitamins and other essential nutrients from all-natural sources like rosehips. She also admires the work NADI is doing to help hard-working refugees build new lives for their families.

“I love the subtle sweet and tart balanced flavor of NADI, and that there are only three ingredients in every bottle. The vitamins and minerals give me an energy boost on afternoons when I need a pick-me-up.”

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Pavel Stuchlik (aka “NOA | AON”)


Pavel had a successful career as a competitive cyclist before being sidelined by a serious illness. He then launched a carbon-fiber bicycle parts business, and began a successful second career of owning numerous franchises for OrangeTheory fitness, Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt and O’My Buns specialty bakery.

His passion for music therapy and the neuroscience behind music inspired him to become a professional electronic music producer and DJ under the name NOA | AON, which stands for “movement” and “all or nothing.” He performs at nightclubs across the United States, and at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Pavel’s grandmother often made rosehip drinks for him as a child and he was delighted to discover that NADI is reviving this taste of tradition. He likes the way NADI supports his active lifestyle and delivers a powerful dose of Vitamin C, B Complex Vitamins and many other important nutrients for just 9 calories per bottle.

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